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Tascam Cg-1800
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The CG Series includes three distinct models tailored to different types of studios. The CG-2000 is designed for the needs of broadcasting and post production, the CG-1800 for small to large-scale video/audio synchronization systems, and the CG-1000 for recording studios, live sound applications and professional musicians.The crystal oscillator is the heart of the clock generator. In each model of the CG Series, an OCXO (oven-controlled crystal oscillator) is used for its high precision, and the fact it is not influenced by the temperature of the environment. Boasting a clock frequency precision of 0.01 ppm*1, which exceeds that of a TCXO (temperature-compensated crystal oscillator), this unit is key in the creation of high-precision synchronization systems - with word output frequency stability of ±0.005ppm or less per day.- Internal clock uses a high-precision OCXO (oven-controlled crystal oscillator) that is not influenced by the temperature of the environment- External input connector that supports 10MHz, allowing creation of systems with even higher precision- Jitter management circuit provides stable clock- Glitch-free relocking circuit prevents noise and skipping during clock dropouts and recovery- Numerous output connectors, including (12) word clock outputs, enabling the use in large-scale video/audio synchronization systems- Supports input and output of a variety of video signal formats, including NTSC, PAL and HD Tri-level- AES3 and AES11 signals can also be used for external master clock input sources- Analyzer function that can measure output device termination- Optimal levels can be provided to other devices by adjusting wordclock output levels- Self-calibration function using an external oscillator (Atomic/GPS 10MHz, GPS PPS) *Use of the self-calibration function requires the use of a separate PPS-output 10MHz oscillator with a built-in GPS antenna.- Word clock performance up to 192 kHz- 0.1% pull-up/down for 24F(Film) and 29.97F(NTSC), and 4% pull-up/down for 24F(Film) and 25F(PAL)- Up to (4) system settings can be saved to buttons for recall, and saved settings can be imported and exported via USB- Durable nut-coupling BNC connectors made by Amphenol- Independent circuit boards for each connector prevents contact failures due to twisting- Three-prong IEC power cable included- Panel-lock switch can be used to prevent inadvertent changes to unit operation- 128x64-pixel organic EL display with a wide viewing angle- Firmware updates possible using the USB port- EIA 1U rack mount size

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